Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Soapbox B-Roll #8: Road Worn and Weary


We again bring you another installment of Soapbox B-Roll as we find ourselves on the road to Texas!

B-Roll is an audio bridge of sorts between full episodes of Soapbox Office, featuring extra or expanded discussion left out of prior episodes in addition to brand new unedited conversation covering a wider range of topics and general day to day operations...

On this week's episode, we chronicle the journey from Los Angeles, CA to Austin, TX with weary tales of travel including broken teeth, broken windshields, and broken spirits. We also unofficially debut the official first installment of our newest segment --- Leader Ladies by talking to producer, travel companion and hardest working woman in show business, Olivia Roush!

As a special surprise, this episode is available in Soapbox-O-Vision! Watch three people get irate at one another after living in such close proximity for a week on the road!!!

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