Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Soapbox B-Roll #3: Roller Derby Rules, Bone Collectors, and Muppet Love

September schedules provide little room for movie watching, but the Soapbox Office rolls on. We once again break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you Soapbox B-Roll #3!

B-Roll is an audio bridge of sorts between full episodes of Soapbox Office, featuring extra or expanded discussion left out of prior episodes in addition to brand new unedited conversation covering a wider range of topics and general day to day operations...

In this edition, the Juno/Whip It discussion continues as Josh and Mitch cover some missed talking points from last week's episode, Josh dishes on his busy schedule and latest short film collaboration, and Mitch recalls his visit to the new Slashback Video exhibition, upcoming Beyond Fest film screenings, and his unhealthy obsession with The Muppets.

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