Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Episode 48: La La Last Love

Throwback Musicals!

This week, Faults in the Vaults aims to take that which is old and make it new again with a pair of modern musicals with classic Hollywood sensibilities. We put a stop to the fools who dream in La La Land (2016) and attempt to resurrect Peter Bogdanovich's much maligned and criminally forgotten, At Long Last Love (1975)!   

This Week in Torrents, Josh highlights a grouping of fun awards-themed MST3K specials. The Soapbox Rant aims its fury at the Oscars In Memoriam segment to shed light on the numerous egregious snubs and other mistakes.

Title CardAnother installment of Where in the World Cinema?, takes a look at the cinema exports of Japan. Specifically, 1966's the groundbreaking and hyper stylized Yakuza film, Tokyo nageremono aka Tokyo Drifter, in memory of the recent passing of filmmaker Seijun Suzuki!

Also in this episode, more co-host sickness blues, Idyllwild scouting trips, brief Oscar recaps, and a discussion on the abstract merits of awards glory vs. the practical benefits of Raleigh Soapery


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