Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Soapbox B-Roll #1: Trivia with Budds

This week, Josh and Mitch take a break from your regularly scheduled programming in order to dodge nuclear threats from North Korea and tiki torch Nazis by taking shelter at the New Beverly Cinema for a month long tribute to Michael Parks...

Listen in bewilderment as Mitch calmly and coldly consults his specrtumy database! Hear in horror how Josh wheezes & coughs into the mic when he can't edit an episode! Marvel at our shortcomings while we talk Evil Dead and 70's One Hit Wonders!

Please enjoy the very first Soapbox B-Roll Special featuring our guest spot on the extremely fun and entertaining, Trivia with Budds podcast, hosted by comedian Ryan Budds!

You can find Trivia with Budds on iTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn, and

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Episode 69: American Booty Call

Soapbox Office Podcast, movie90's Sex Comedies!

This week, Faults in the Vaults gets a little raunchy. Our hormones kick into overdrive with a pairing of 90's sex comedies, as we swear off all baked goods because of 1999's American Pie and instead plan for a late night visit with Booty Call (1997).

The Mailbag sparks a discussion on classic film noir and continues an old discussion about memorable movie lines. Diggin' Up the Docs has Josh highlighting Danny Gold's If You're Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast (2017) where legendary entertainer, Carl Reiner, sits down and chats with fellow nonagenarians about staying active and productive well into the twilight years.

Soapbox Office Podcast, movieJosh and Mitch take aim at social media's influence over advertising and those pre-trailer trailers in the Soapbox Rant.

Another edition of Recycled Cinema takes a brief look at the comedy work of Francis Veber --- France's unheralded MVP of the Hollywood remake, specifically his modern classic Le Dîner de Cons (1998) and its star-studded American counterpart, Dinner for Schmucks (2010).

Also in this episode, a night at the New Beverly, awkward sex stories, and other silliness with the great products from Raleigh Soapery!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Episode 68: A Few Good Rainmakers

Disorder in the Courts!

This week, Faults in the Vaults returns as we head into the courtroom for a double feature of high brow, high stakes legal dramas. We learn to handle the truth and court martial A Few Good Men (1992) in order to carve out a large settlement for Francis Ford Coppola's The Rainmaker (1997).

The Mailbag continues a Steven King discussion and tries to gauge excitement for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Josh goes Slipping Through the Tracks to make a case for the great Elmer Bernstein's atmospheric and tension-laced score for Martin Scorsese's remake of Cape Fear (1991).

Another edition of Recycled Cinema takes a look back at Sidney Lumet's courtroom classic, 12 Angry Men (1957) and William Friendkin's outstanding 1997 remake led by Jack Lemmon and a who's who of top acting talent.

Also in this episode, a Parksploitation-extravaganza at the New Beverly, Josh's short, animated film Other Fish getting into TromaDance, clashes with Johnny Law, and useful legal tips with a little help from the great products at Raleigh Soapery!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Episode 67: Drinking & Drive-In's- Bruiser

BruiserGeorge Romero Tribute!

This week we again temporarily put aside Faults in the Vaults to concentrate on a Drinking and Drive-In's tribute to the life of the creator of the living dead, George Romero! Get ready to dawn a mask in order to finally be seen as we celebrate his 2000 film, Bruiser!

In The News, we recap our 2017 Comic-Con experience of hanging at the IMDboat, shooting at The American Comedy Co, and dealing with the remnants of Con-Funk! We also take a dive into The Mailbag where we answer a listener query having to do with the greatest film quotes of all time.

BruiserWe continue the Romero-celebration in Diggin' Up The Doc's to discover the origin's of the man's career with Rob Kuhn's 2013 documentary, Birth of the Living Dead.  Both it and Bruiser are currently available for free with an Amazon Prime subscription!

In a special Soapbox PSA, Josh talks about The New Beverly Cinema's August tribute to Michael Parks, Parksploitation! All month in August, The New Bev will be screening some of the best and most rare Parks movies he ever did!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Episode 66: Drinking & Drive-Ins - Maximum Overdrive

King's Killer Cars!

This week, we temporarily put aside Faults in the Vaults to bring you yet another installment of Drinking & Drive-ins - the segment where we kick back and revel in some of the very best cinematic exploitations from the heyday of the local drive-in to the birth of the multiplex and beyond. This time, we take shelter at the Dixie Boy and fall prey to the menacing mind of Stephen King with 1986's Maximum Overdrive!

Stephen King, Soapbox Office PodcastA listener recommendation leads Josh to go Diggin' Up The Docs in order to rediscover and reminisce about the grand-scale miniature work that went into the creation of the famous HBO feature presentation logo.

This week's Soapbox Rant puts the Disney corporation on blast for its attempt to erase cultural insensitivity and other questionable content from its' history. Mitch goes Slipping Through the Tracks to rock out to the confusingly overlooked soundtrack to The Who's rock opera, Quadrophenia (1979).

Also in this episode, George Romero tributes, San Diego Comic Con prep, and a mechanical uprising is challenged by the excellent man- made products from the good people at Raleigh Soapery!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Episode 65: E.T. not included

Friendly 80's Aliens!

Spotlight Interview with Writer/Director, Matthew Robbins!

This week, Faults in the Vaults returns again as we get another visit from the stars. It's an Amblin Entertainment - alien double feature as we turn off our heart lights on 1982's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in favor of 1987's *batteries not included.

This trip to The Mailbag produces some listener suggested Faults in the Vaults and a discussion on the career of the late, great Jonathan Demme, as well as some advice for better parenting through torrenting.

Podcast, title cardJosh goes Diggin' Up The Docs and finds Kent Jones' retrospective on Hitchcock/Truffaut (2015), based on Truffaut's classic film lit book, Cinema According to Hitchcock. Mitch details the long strange tale behind Shin Sang-Ok's kaiju curio, Pulgasari (1985), one of the rare few North Korean films to be released around the globe as part of Where in the World Cinema?

In another edition of Slipping Through the Tracks, Josh selects the score to 1981's Heartbeeps, the colossal Andy Kaufman flop, which just so happens to feature an interesting fusion of classical orchestral music and New Wave - synth from legendary composer, John Williams!

Also in this episode, post-Fourth of July celebrations, BabbleVision, Josh gains a Predator and talks about a Close Encounter, and the guys gift alien visitors with handmade Earthbound products from the good people at Raleigh Soapery!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Episode 64: Drinking & Drive-Ins - Americathon

Neil Israel Interview!

This week, we temporarily put aside Faults in the Vaults to bring you yet another installment of Drinking & Drive-ins - the segment where we kick back and revel in some of the very best cinematic exploitations from the heyday of the local drive-in to the birth of the multiplex and beyond. This time, we're celebrating the B-Day of the U.S. of A with 1979's surprisingly prophetic screwball satire, Americathon!

Mitch and Josh scrape The Mailbag and discuss the nature of actors taking on new skill sets for specific roles, as well as trying to recall early exposures to great acting in film. This Week in Torrents, Josh digs up the unsold Andy Kaufman pilot for Stick Around (1977).

Mitch goes Slipping Through the Tracks to provide an audio guide to the Planet of the Apes franchise, specifically the sounds of Tom Scott's contemporary primal jazz fusion score for Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972).

Also in this episode, Fourth of July celebrations, TV binge-watching, Hicksville exploits, Corgi beach days, and a plethora of fine American made products from the good people at Raleigh Soapery!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Episode 63: Baby Drive The Driver

Cars and Crime!

This week,Faults in the Vaults celebrates the release of Edgar Wright's much anticipated, Baby Driver (2017), by pairing up some crime-fueled and adrenaline-filled chase films from the past. We're pulling the e-brake on Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive (2011), in order to highlight Walter Hill's criminally overlooked, but massively influential, The Driver (1978).

This Week in Torrents, Mitch and Josh recall run-ins with filmmaker par excellence, Edgar Wright, and praise his independent roots and raw talent on display in his first feature film, the madcap comedy spaghetti western, A Fistful of Fingers (1995).

Title cardContinuing the love fest, Josh goes Slipping Through the Tracks and selects the eclectic decade spanning and toe tapping soundtrack to Baby Driver (2017), featuring select tracks from Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Carla Thomas, The Damned, Blur, Queen, and more...

Also in this episode, early spoiler-free Baby Driver reviews, more praise for the Wright stuff, Mitch and Josh ponder a life of crime, and more about the great products from Raleigh Soapery!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Episode 62: Black Swan, Red Shoes

Tragic Ballerinas!

This week, in Faults in the Vaults, we strap on some ballet slippers and lose a grip on sanity with a pair of dance-centric dramas. We call in an understudy on Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan (2010) in order to sing the praises and educate the masses on what is arguably the greatest Technicolor film ever made, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's The Red Shoes (1948)!

We defend the honor and abilities of the uber-dreamy Ryan Gosling in The Mailbag! Josh digs up a great copy of the hilarious, but little seen, Lookwell!, the unsold pilot co-created by Robert Smigel and Conan O'Brien, starring the late Adam West for This Week in Torrents.

Mitch guides us around the crime-ridden ghetto of France to talk about La Haine (1995) in another edition of Where in the World Cinema? The Soapbox Rant wonders what happened to the multi-talented movie stars of old and when our collective expectations were lowered.

Also in this episode, drunken nights at Tonga Hut, more Real McKenzies music videos, BabbleVision, and even more great products from the good people at Raleigh Soapery!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Episode 61: The Usual Sushi Girl

The Soapbox Office Podcast
Heist Films w/a Twist!

Interview w/ Kern Saxton, director and co-screenwriter of Sushi Girl!

In this week's Faults in the Vaults, we shoot the Devil in the back and turn states' evidence on Bryan Singer's The Usual Suspects (1995) and instead widen our cinematic palette and order up Kern Saxton's heist revenge film, Sushi Girl (2012)!

Title CardA trip to The Mailbag offers up some fun trivia tidbits from Chuck Russell's 1988 remake of The Blob. Mitch goes Slipping Through the Tracks to give a brief synopsis and history lesson on 1956's The Girl Can't Help It, Frank Tashlin's rocking musical comedy, featuring legendary performances from Little Richard, Eddie Cochran and more!

The Soapbox Rant attempts to navigate the murky waters of sexism and objective criticism in film.

Also in this episode, Adam West tributes,, a new commercial debuts, Mitch divulges TMI, and S.T.U.R.G.E.S. finally tallies the results and we announce the winners for our Raleigh Soapery prize pack giveaway!


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Episode 60: Night of the Living Fly

Horror Remakes V2!

This week, Faults in the Vaults returns to discuss another pairing of classic horror remakes. We set traps and put David Cronenberg's The Fly (1986) out of its misery in order to resurrect Tom Savini's reimagining of George A Romero's Night of the Living Dead (1990)! We talk briefly with Tom Savini, legendary FX artist and director of NotLD '90!

In This Week in Torrents, Josh digs up a rare black and white workprint of Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal complete with different scenes, additional narration, and weird voiceovers! Mitch goes Digging Up The Docs in search of the fantastic, but hard to find Lumiere and Company (1995) where 40 internationally acclaimed filmmakers try that hand at short subject filmmaking using the original Cinematographe invented by the Lumiere Brothers.

Recycled Cinema takes a look at Irwin S. Yeaworth's 1958 drive-in classic, The Blob along with Chuck Russell and Frank Darabont's viscerally brutal and imaginative 1988 remake.

Also in this episode, iTunes' 5 Star reviews, the debut of Babble-Vision, Trivia with Budds, and the best deals on the Internet from the good people at Raleigh Soapery!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Episode 59: Drinking and Drive-Ins- The Devils Candy

Ethan Embry Interview!

This week, Faults in the Vaults is side-lined once more for a special installment of Drinking & Drive-ins, where we kick back and revel in some of the very best cinematic exploitations around. This time we're joined by a very special guest host - the wonderful and talented Ethan Embry, here to talk about his work in 2015's metal-heavy midnight movie, The Devil's Candy!

Josh takes a turn Digging Up The Docs to present a glimpse into the life of a massive talent gone too soon in I Am Heath Ledger (2017), directed by Adrian Buitenhuis and Derik Murray. Mitch and Ethan gush about Russian cinema and the transcendent work of Andrei Tarkovsky in 1979's Stalker as part of Where in the World Cinema?
Ethan Embry
We go Slipping Through the Tracks to discuss the work of Radiohead guitarist-turned film composer and frequent Paul Thomas Anderson collaborator, Jonny Greenwood, and highlight the 70's sonic vibes on the Inherent Vice (2014) soundtrack.

Also in this episode, a recap of our recent Real McKenzies gig, more Cheap Thrills talk, other tales from Ethan's career, and one final chance to win a slew of great products from the good people at Raleigh Soapery!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Episode 58: Nightcrawler Thrills

artDark Comedic Thrillers!

This week, Faults in the Vaults dives into the gritty world of independent thrillers, so listen as we terminate our business partnership with 2014's Nightcrawler in favor of the night of escalating mayhem in 2013's Cheap Thrills.

This Week in Torrents, Josh highlights the unobtainable second season of IFC's The Henry Rollins Show. Mitch gives the rundown on The Next Three Days, Paul Haggis' 2010 remake of the French escape thriller, Pour Elle aka Anything for Her, in another installment of Recycled Cinema.

The Soapbox Rant gets righteously indignant about bandwagon jumpers and the role of popularity in pop culture. Josh goes Slipping Through the Tracks to mourn another legend and bring attention to Chris Cornell's massive contribution to the soundtrack for Cameron Crowe's musically trendsetting film, Singles (1992).

Soapbox Office
Also in this episode, more from The Mailbag, raging at the Multiplex, and a reminder about our latest contest where you can win exclusive Yoga Hosers collectibles and free products from the great people at Raleigh Soapery!