Friday, October 21, 2016

Episode 33: The Bourne Accountant

Damon v Affleck: Super Assassins!

The Soapbox Office makes its triumphant return after a brief hiatus and with it comes another Faults in the Vaults in which Mitch & Josh choose to forget all about The Bourne Identity (2002) in order to crunch the numbers in favor of The Accountant (2016).

A case is made for digital preservation with an archive of videos from pre-YouTube Internet sensation, Andy Milonakis in This Week in Torrents. The Soapbox Rant takes a stance against the fair-weather fans of Ben Affleck.

Title imageJosh goes Slipping Through the Tracks to present a gateway to Americana and this country's bluegrass roots with the soundtrack to The Coen Brothers' comedy O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000).

Also in this episode, more praise for our wonderful sponsor, Raleigh Soapery, stories a plenty about rubbing elbows with Hollywood elite, and revelations that Mitch & Josh are both on the spectrum.

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