Saturday, September 10, 2016

Episode 29: Drinking & Drive-ins- Psychomania

soapbox officePsychomania!

Faults in the Vaults get side-lined as we journey once more to the year 1973 to bring you yet another pairing of devilishly delectable cocktails and one very strange (and very British) occult biker flick. We're talking of course about the one and only, Psychomania!

A dig into The Mailbag triggers a lengthy discussion about "bad" Hollywood directors and the nature of subjectivity in cinema.

soapbox office podcastAlso in this episode, we preach our love for our beloved sponsor Raleigh Soapery and the places where you can find it! Josh gives an update on Other Fish, and we continue to run our Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Brooding statue contest!

movie soapbox office

The boys make Psychomania movie-themed drinks! Mitch chooses to invoke the powers of gin infused drink The Living Dead while Josh chooses the colorful concoction that is The Stoned Frog!

So join us as we take a look at the third edition of Drinking and Drive In's!

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