Friday, September 2, 2016

Episode 28: District Mine

neill blomkampSCI-FI ODD COUPLES!

This week, Faults in the Vaults goes from the slums of Joburg, to the far reaches of space as we take a look at science fiction films depicting alien races at odds. We're handing an eviction notice to Neill Blomkamp's District 9 (2009) in order to stage a rescue for Wolfgang Petersen's Enemy Mine (1985).

The guys forgo The Mailbag in order to highlight some of their best 5-star reviews while The Soapbox Rant this week takes aim at the flagrant misuse of Auteur Theory.

title cardMitch goes Diggin' Up the Docs to highlight that truth is stranger than fiction with the riveting tale of a French con artist who gets himself entangled in a missing person's case in Texas in Bart Layton's The Imposter (2012).

Josh goes Slipping Through the Tracks to remind listeners about just how great the soundtrack to 1972's The Harder They Come is, featuring tracks by Jimmy Cliff and Desmond Dekker!

Also, don't forget, we're running our Batman v Superman: Dawn of Brooding contest until 9/19/16!

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