Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Episode 21: Mannhunter

Soapbox Office
Michael Mann Magnificence!

This week's Faults in the Vaults takes a look at a pairing of crime thrillers from the prolific oeuvre of the director. Specifically, we're sticking to the discipline and walking out the door on 1995's Heat in order to pick up the old scent of 1986's Manhunter!

Mitch emerges from the depths of The Mailbag with a question about films that make you cry. In Diggin' Up The Docs, Josh forays into the world of the Beat movement with Chuck Workman's The Source: The Story of the Beats and the Beat Generation (1999).

The Soapbox Rant stokes the fires as the guys make time to take down generational coveting. Mitch takes a turn Slipping Through the Tracks and chooses to champion composer Elliot Goldenthal's genre-bending score to Julie Taymor's Shakespeare adaptation, Titus (1999).

Soapbox OfficeAnd in Total Recast, Mitch & Josh wax hypothetical and ponder some cinematic casting scenarios that could have been. This time, Mitch imagines a Pacino-less Heat, while Josh finds himself a different Midnight Cowboy!!!

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