Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Episode 16: Drinking & Drive-In's- A Bucket of Blood

Buckets of Blood Abound!

Drinking & Drive-In's returns once again and this time it's bringing with it a pairing of delectable cocktails and one very entertaining and under-praised black comedy from the King of Exploitation himself, Roger Corman. We're filling up A Bucket of Blood from 1959, starring the great Dick Miller!

The Mailbag is emptied again as the guys cull through listener mail and afterward, Josh & Mitch shake a finger at the act of hater shaming for The Soapbox Rant. The new segment, Diggin' Through The Doc's is unveiled! Each week we're going to highlight a lesser known documentary. This week's was Trumbo suggested to us by our friend Andrew Heaberlin!
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Drink Recipes

Once again, it's Josh's turn on Slipping Through the Tracks, and for it he showcases Tom Waits' soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch's Night on Earth. In this week's Total Recast, the guys take noted "That Guy" Dick Miller and ponder some What If... casting alternatives that could have rewritten cinematic history!

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