Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Episode 14: The Goonies Squad

Childhood Classics!

This week, in Faults in the Vaults, Josh & Mitch take a look at a pair of adolescent adventure films! They're foreclosing on the Richard Donner/Steven Spielberg collaboration, The Goonies (1985) in order to join up with Fred Dekker's The Monster Squad (1987).

Elsewhere, Mitch dives into The Mailbag to discuss guilty cinematic pleasures. Josh cracks open the Book of the Dead to deliver an Evil Dead fan restoration for This Week in Torrents. Vitriolic opinions are cast on the nature of corporate cannibalism in The Soapbox Rant.

Josh extols the beautiful and inventive score for Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes by Hans Zimmer featuring Diego Stocco on the Experibass in Slipping Through the Tracks, while the guys then attempt to rewrite cinematic wrongs once more with a Total Recast!!!

Music by Cam Mosavian.

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