Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Episode 6: Drinking & Drive-In's- Little Cigars

Tiny People, Big Movie!

There's a format shake up this week as a new monthly segment is unveiled, in which Josh & Mitch mix up some specialty themed cocktails, sit back, and take a look at a forgotten, overlooked, and unpolished gem from the heyday of exploitation cinema.

The guys talk about their Oscars viewing experience, which took place in between the commercial breaks of an Anaheim Ducks game.

Since it never has, and never will be released on home video, Josh picks the Lenny Bruce doc, Swear To Tell the Truth, for This Week in Torrents.
Billy Curtis, Jerry Maren, Frank Delfino, Frank Silla, Emory Souza
Drink Recipes

Snapchat has Josh & Mitch railing against the current state of media sharing and viral success in this week's Soapbox Rant.

And finally, for their first outing, Josh & Mitch walk you through the small wonder that is Chris Christenberry's Little Cigars (1973), the seedy noir tinged Snow and the Seven Dwarfs riff from American International Pictures that truly must be seen to be believed!

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