Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Episode 10: Batman v. Superman Forever

Back up Batman!

This week in Faults in the Vaults, we're talking about the World's (less than) Finest. WARNING! There are going to be spoilers abound as we go sifting through the rubble left by Zack Snyder's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in order to rebuild a better Gotham on the foundation of 1995's Schumacher spectacle, Batman Forever.

Mitch digs deep into the Mailbag to read and answer a question regarding favorite food-themed films. Josh & Mitch take the road less traveled by and rage against all the Superman hate in The Soapbox Rant.

In This Week in Torrents, Josh points to a pair of animated Bat-shorts created by the legendary Bruce Timm (Batman TAS) to commemorate the character's 75th. Slipping Through the Tracks this week highlights an out of print collection of 1960's Batman TV instrumental tracks by Neal Hefti.

Plus, details are officially laid out on how you can take home some brand new Raleigh {Beer} Soap before it officially hits the streets!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Episode 9: Running Crank

We welcome Mr. John Noble (Fringe, LotR, Elementary), a true class act and one of the best damn character actors around, wherein he talks the differences between stage and screen, getting a late start in Hollywood, and working with the late Paul Walker on the set of Running Scared.

Faults in the Vaults takes a hard look at two adrenaline-fueled, race-against-time, crime action-ers, both coincidentally from the year 2006. If you haven't guessed, we're deeming the Jason Statham vehicle, Crank to be D.O.A. and then going on the hunt to sniff out what's got Paul Walker Running Scared.

The Mailbag is opened once again, this time to field a listener question about favorite 3D animated feature films and we argue on the state of cosplay in The Soapbox Rant.

In This Week in Torrents, Josh extols the virtues and green lessons taught by the old Toxic Crusaders cartoon, which is sadly no longer available for direct purchase. Slipping Through the Tracks has Mitch highlighting a memorable soundtrack from a less than memorable movie, Judgment Night (1993), which showcased an oddball fusion of Rap & Rock acts from the time (such as Slayer/Ice T and Dinosaur Jr./Del The Funky Homosapien) that somehow managed to become a must own album from the decade.

Plus, a Raleigh Soapery GIVEAWAY is announced!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Episode 8: Rocky Horror of the Paradise

Rock Musical Misfits!

We bring you a Science Fiction/Double Feature in this week's Faults in the Vault. As madness takes its toll and we argue the merits of 1975's midnight movie classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in order to Sing Sing the praises of Brian De Palma's under-appreciated rock opera, Phantom of the Paradise, released in 1974.

Mitch talks about his upcoming pilgrimage home to the Garden State and Josh shares some exciting movie news regarding his better half.

We scrape the very bottom of the Mailbag and Dr. Josh gets a little too personal for our listeners.

For This Week in Torrents, Josh reads aloud from the Necronomicon, specifically the Extended Cut of 2013's Evil Dead remake.

The guys rail against the home video release practice of "double dipping" as part of this week's The Soapbox Rant.

And a new segment is introduced, Slipping Through the Tracks, to highlight the great soundtracks and scores released over the years that might have been missed.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Now Available in High Quality FLAC Audio!

We here at The Soapbox Office are huge proponents of quality. In an age where you can easily purchase terabytes of storage and most have lightening fast cable internet connections, MP3's shouldn't be the only option. For years, lossy compression has been murdering quality in order to make smaller, faster downloads, but with the dawning of new technology should also come adaptability in the consuming of our media. Now, we understand that many people have no desire to listen to a podcast that takes up about 400mb of space on whichever device you choose, but it is our goal to let YOU make that decision for yourself.

A Peak behind the Curtain:
We're lightyears
ahead on tech.
We fight every week to get every bit of encoding quality we can into our podcast. We record our audio at 16bit/96Khz and export our mp3's as a CBR 160Kbps*. This results in about 80MB files for the roughly 70 minutes of audio we have for each show. Most other podcasts encode at 128Kbps or even 96Kbps. If that works for them, more power to 'em, but we feel that's not enough.

Unfortunately, many people I speak to in the podcasting community record their audio at 160Kbps, edit, and re-export at a similar bitrate. Why is this atrocious? Think about it this way: You take a book to a Xerox machine and make a copy of a page. That copy will look OK, but is obviously a copy. Now make a copy of that copy, and that new page is twice removed from the original page, and will obviously look as such. This is what many people are doing out of negligence of editing/encoding. Copies of copies.

Many people and shows that I've witnessed have spent hundreds of dollars on big expensive microphones that in all reality are worth every penny if you utilize them correctly. But when you compress the final product to all hell, several times even, you can't tell a drastic difference over a standard SM58 and a Condensor mic. These people aren't malicious, they're not even stupid, they're just under-informed. They spend all of their money on equipment due to being super excited to get into the ever-growing podcast industry, but are so ambitious they lose sight of learning the nuts and bolts of digital audio recording.

*Constant Bit Rate

Why This Matters:
There is no reason to commit such heinous acts against your listening audience, even if all of them are happy with your product. The argument of "they can't tell" should be null and void. Yes, you could drink a shot of Old Granddad Whiskey, and maybe not everyone could tell that it is of horrid quality. But when Jameson is the same price and takes no extra effort whatsoever, why in the hell would you choose to pour rot-gut liquor? It doesn't take any more effort other than a few setting tweaks to achieve better quality and podcasters should be demanding it of themselves whether the entire audience can tell or not.

Now, take Stitcher for instance. As I said, we export our podcast as a 160Kbps CBR. They take that encoding, and they make a 96Kbps copy of it for the ease of use on their service. Not only is that almost half of the resolution of the original, but as stated before, it's a copy of the copy. So why do we use their service? Because if that's what the consumer wants, we're not going to get all high and mighty, forcing them to do what we want. We're not George Lucas after all. If people want that quality for ease of use and a small footprint on their mobile data bill, more power to them. But it's our opinion you should not be stuck with only that option.

The Solution? FLAC's:
Free Lossless Audio Compression. A wav file is a lossless codec containing all of the original information recorded, but is a big file size which equates to both a higher storage cost and added time downloading. FLAC's are the same quality as a wav file, but compress it in a way to save about a third of the space. Know how you download a single ZIP file and it contains all of the files within it, but is a smaller size? Same concept. You get all of the original information, but it saves both space and time. FLAC's, at the moment, are the absolute best, non-proprietary way to transfer high quality audio, and from now on, we will offer every episode in a High Quality FLAC format.

Why didn't we start off this way? To be honest, our server sucked and had terrible upload/download speeds. But, we've upgraded baby. We put S.T.U.R.G.E.S. to work and our server migration is now complete! That means you can download our entire back-catalog in luxurious FLAC as well as the tried and true MP3. Does everyone want a 400MB FLAC of two assholes ranting about Hollywood? No, we're not that full of ourselves, but I bet there's a group of audio nerds out there searching for podcasts that are high quality. Plus, I think we're the first ever podcast offering free FLAC recordings.

So without further ado, here is the first seven episodes of The Soapbox Office in High Quality FLAC Format! Enjoy!

Want to see if you can tell the difference between high and low quality digital recordings? Years ago Josh made this Blogpost comparing various encoding rates with real life examples of vinyl, CD, and MP3 rips. Click here to see if you can tell a difference.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Episode 7: The Unforgiven Drifter

Modern Western Week!

This week, Faults in the Vaults returns to find Josh and Mitch taking a trip back to the Old West to put a bounty on 1992's Best Picture Winner, Unforgiven, in order to paint the town red for 1973's High Plains Drifter, both of which happen to be directed by and starring the legendary Clint Eastwood.

The guys once again self promote their upcoming Hollywood screening and puzzle over the undying allure of Pippi Longstockings.

Mitch dips into the Mailbag to field a question about favorite movie soundtracks, compilations, and scores.

This Week in Torrents cautions the dangers of Mary Jane with help from the Muppet Babies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Alf in a trippy 1990 After School special, Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue.

Josh rants about the apparent premature death of 3D technology as part of The Soapbox Rant!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Episode 6: Drinking & Drive-In's- Little Cigars

Tiny People, Big Movie!

There's a format shake up this week as a new monthly segment is unveiled, in which Josh & Mitch mix up some specialty themed cocktails, sit back, and take a look at a forgotten, overlooked, and unpolished gem from the heyday of exploitation cinema.

The guys talk about their Oscars viewing experience, which took place in between the commercial breaks of an Anaheim Ducks game.

Since it never has, and never will be released on home video, Josh picks the Lenny Bruce doc, Swear To Tell the Truth, for This Week in Torrents.
Billy Curtis, Jerry Maren, Frank Delfino, Frank Silla, Emory Souza
Drink Recipes

Snapchat has Josh & Mitch railing against the current state of media sharing and viral success in this week's Soapbox Rant.

And finally, for their first outing, Josh & Mitch walk you through the small wonder that is Chris Christenberry's Little Cigars (1973), the seedy noir tinged Snow and the Seven Dwarfs riff from American International Pictures that truly must be seen to be believed!