Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Episode 4: Breakfast Until Dark

Episode 4All Audrey Hepburn!

This week, Mitch & Josh talk about a trip to Norco, CA where they covered Michael Parks as he received his lifetime achievement award from the Norco Film Festival. We also take the opportunity to spill the beans on our next major project, a documentary on the man himself, Mr. Michael Parks!

In yet another act of shameless self-promotion, we speak about the upcoming LA screening of their new short film, The Mission as part of the HRIF Fest, and hypothesize about using the bathroom in white pants...

Audrey HepburnDuring This Week in Torrents, Dr. Josh teaches the class about the concept of the Open Matte film and why it is of significance to us! A new segment, The Soapbox, is introduced wherein Mitch attempts to explain his lack of enthusiasm for audience participation, much to the chagrin of audiences everywhere.

Lastly, Faults in the Vaults serves up a double-dose of Audrey Hepburn as we skip meals and take a pass on Blake Edward's Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961), then hole up inside and shine a light on Terence Young's Wait Until Dark (1967).

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